What the AI Revolution means for the economy

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About this webinar

On Wednesday 11 March the M&A Community, in collaboration with Improved Corporate Finance / Drake Star Partners, will organize a very special webinar with Dr. Omar Hatamleh, Technology Integration Manager at NASA.

In this interactive interview we will discuss how Artificial Intelligence (AI) will impact the world economy in the coming decade. What will it mean for large industries, like the mobility, healthcare, technology and financial services industry amongst others? What major disruptions can we expect in the foreseeable future and how will this impact private equity and other investors? It is crucial for the M&A Community to anticipate early and take all the necessary steps they can.

Omar will also shed light on the major innovative projects he’s currently working on, like the Mars project. How will space travel and exploration most likely move forward in the 21st century? Is this an industry investors should look at?

About Dr. Omar Hatamleh
Omar has over twenty years of aerospace industry experience and has published over 30 international journal articles. He has been an invited speaker to multiple national and international events. Omar is also the author of Between Brains: Taking Back our AI Future. A book that explores the impact of Artificial Intelligence and technology on the future of jobs, ethics, technologies and economies. At global technology, media and communications investment bank Drake Star Partners, Omar is Senior Advisor in the firm’s mobility vertical and AI programmes.

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16.05 Interview with Dr. Omar Hatamleh
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